User Adoption

So what is user adoption and why is it so important, particularly with SharePoint?

Basically, if you create a solution, and no-one uses it, you have spectacularly failed at user adoption.  This happens all too often with SharePoint projects, and people get what we call ‘SharePoint Fatigue’.

Poord user adoption can be traced back to any one or a combination of these:
  • Lack of training
  • Lack of understanding of the benefits of SharePoint by the users
  • Delivering what the project owners wanted rather than what the users needed
  • Poor governance plan
  • Lack of executive sponsorship
  • Other options for users – they continue to do things the old way 
  • Poor SharePoint strategy
  • Misunderstanding by the project team of the SharePoint goodies that people really want
  • Poor change management 
Implementing a SharePoint solution is often fraught with risks, and poor user adoption is clearly a major risk. If this is not addressed at the outset and considered throughout the project, then the project may well fail.
How to succeed at user adoption
  • Get executive sponsorship for your project
  • Have clear goals as to how this project will make life easier for users
  • Engage users from the outset, find out their pain points and try to address them with SharePoint 
  • Identify cultural behaviours in your company and make sure they are included in your considerations
  • Don’t roll out too much at once – or too little
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