Information Architecture

What a lot of people tend to forget when they are creating a website or SharePoint intranet is the users. If your SharePoint audience is not engaged in the process of designing and architecting the site, then you may miss out on critical information that will impact the success of the site. For example, you may think that people really need to read the latest company news, or it’s critical for them to access HR forms. However if you actually ask some people what they need, you may find a different response altogether.
Having accurate information of the SharePoint content and functionality people really want, means you can build the site accordingly, and it will be more successful.

We find that companies want to skip this step either due to limited knowledge or limited budget. If the budget is the problem, then you need to hazard a best guess. But getting a small sample of input is better than none at all. It may change your end result substantially.

Social Intranets are the current buzz, but we find that without a level of good IA, people get confused. It’s like taking all the signposts away, you need to leave the main ones at least.

Good Information Architecture results in
  • People finding what they need easily
  • The site owners being able to guide people in the direction they want to lead them e.g. to take an action such as subscribing to an email list
  • A clear hierarchy of information 
  • Content owners being known
  • A site that’s easy to update – SharePoint authors know where to put content
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