Onboarding Solution

There are many issues when it comes to onboarding and offboarding staff. Usually several manual processes are involved.

Manually managing onboarding and offboarding means several issues can happen:

  • It is a slow process, one step has to happen before the next can occur
  • It is a tedious process, where a single digit or keystroke error can cause dramatic problems
  • A missing signoff (manager on holiday) can cause significant delays
  • The new starter is waiting on access before beginning the role properly
  • The IT Ticketing system is overloaded with long queues
  • People get frustrated – Hiring managers, new starters, and IT staff
  • Incorrect permissions can get assigned, with disastrous consequences, or inconvenient at a minimum
  • The cost to the business can be enormous


To solve this, WebVine have created an Automated Onboarding Solution. With just 3 forms – Onboarding, modify user and User termination, we streamline your hiring process.

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Simple Form Entering

Hiring manager fills in a single form when hiring a new starter.

  • The form is partially prepopulated so doesn’t need to be entirely entered.
  • The relevant people who need to signoff are automatically notified via email.


Automated Approval Process

An approval flow is automatically generated so that the department manager, HR manager and IT manager approve the new user to be added

Automates Creation of Accounts

  • Provisions the Active Directory account for the user
  • Provisions the Office 365 account for the user
  • Assigns Office 365 licenses
  • Creates the Exchange Online mailbox for the user
  • Applies appropriate licensing in Office 365
  • Creates the Skype for Business or Lync account


Need Other Accounts Created?

WebVine can additionally integrate with other Line of Business applications, so your HR system for example could be updated automatically also.

When People Leave

For offboarding, additional steps are taken

  • Auto-disable Active Directory account
  • Set account expiration date
  • Reassign users’ direct reports
  • Move to retired users OU and add to retired user groups
  • Email IT service desk for manual tasks
  • Checklist for hardware returns to HR & IT
  • Remove account from all groups


Securing Your Business

And finally

  • Set email forwarding if chosen
  • Set out of office message if chosen
  • Export mailbox to pst file (on-premise)
  • Hide user from GAL (Global address list)
  • Remove Office 365 license
  • Set extensionAttribute9 to “nosync” after 90 days
  • Email parties when compete

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