SharePoint Melbourne

WebVine has a Melbourne SharePoint presence, and a number of Melbourne clients.

One of our Melbourne clients is a company called SYA. We manage Office 365 and SharePoint online for SYA.

When we met SYA, they were spending a lot on email and a share drive hosted accessed via Citrix. 95% of the staff are volunteers, and anytime someone needed to access the file share, it was time consuming and costly. Also it was quite slow, and the file share had thousands of documents that were difficult to find.

In SharePoint online we worked with SYA to create libraries and metadata so that people could store and tag – and then find documents much more easily. Version control was a great asset for SYA, and being able to send a link to a document rather than an attachment meant that people could keep a single point of truth.

We also added Oneplacemail to Outlook for SYA staff, so they can easily save emails and attachments directly to SharePoint Online libraries.

In SharePoint online, we have already created a Contacts database that syncs with Outlook for SYA to manage their contacts.

We have created a Communications online process, so that any communications sent externally on behalf of SYA are submitted through this process. A workflow ensures all relevant parties check and contribute to the communication before it is approved for publishing.

A record of all communications are stored and are searchable. This ensures that SYA aren’t sending too many or too little communications at any time, and also that the right people approve these before they are sent out.

We have also extended the contacts list to include volunteer details, so that they can search for volunteers with particular skills.

We have also created project templates so people can work together on projects sites, inviting external people to participate as needed.

All of SYAs email accounts are also hosted on Office 365, and new accounts are easily created on the fly. SYA pay for Office 365 according to the number of licenses they use, so costs are kept to a minimum.

And we provide a support agreement to SYA in Melbourne, so whenever they have an issue, we can remote into their computer, see what’s going on and resolve it quickly. Also included as part of support are monthly meetings, statistical analysis, a single point of contact, and reporting. This means SYA are confident that they can keep moving forward with the Office 365 SharePoint online platform.

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