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Macquarie Bank is a global investment banking and diversified financial services group, providing banking, financial advisory and investment and funds management services around the world. Headquartered in Sydney, Macquarie is the largest Australian investment bank.

Macquarie Bank were using an outdated intranet site for their Banking and Financial Services Group Division (BFS). It was difficult to update and inconsistent in it’s appearance. Staff struggled to find information, and also to post information to the site. The Search experience left a lot to be desired.
Macquarie Bank then decided on SharePoint as the new platform for a new intranet site and chose WebVine to deliver.

WebVine partnered with intranet specialists Step Two and design agency Brightlabs to deliver the project. Step Two provided the Information Architecture and Brightlabs in consultation with WebVine created the design.
WebVine consulted, developed and created the new SharePoint intranet.

WebVine helped Macquarie to create document management metadata which was used to classify thousands of documents. These documents appeared on different pages depending on the metadata.

The search experience was also tailored to give Macquarie staff the ability to find what they needed.

Macquarie staff benefitted greatly from this enhanced SharePoint intranet. Finally an organised easy on the eye designed SharePoint site that made information finding a piece of cake.

Macquarie staff enjoyed:

  • A new fresh and inspiring intranet for a key division
  • The site more reflected their workplace and environment
  • An organised, clean and searchable intranet
  • Finding information and documents quickly and easily
  • Storing documents easily with tagging

The site was a landmark for the Intranet with more divisions keen to follow. Even the millionaires factory needs assistance now and again!

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